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Marc Goodman, founder and president of the Nextend Strategy Group, has driven innovation with Fortune 500 companies and startups for over 25 years. He has  been successful using strategic marketing, negotiations, and business development skills in the fast-paced high-tech industry, as well as in various verticals from public safety, home construction products, heavy industry industrial manufacturing, and industrial consumer products.

He has been an entrepreneur, ran a skunkworks, and successfully launched a number of innovative new products into diverse market verticals. He is most proud of and best known for, developing a university innovations program for the multi-national telecom company Alcatel-Lucent – growing the program to over 25 universities world wide. During this time, He worked closely with the innovation centers of AT&T (The Foundry) and Verizon.  He is passionate for nurturing innovative applications such as mobile augmented reality and video social networking, coaching start-ups, working with universities, and connecting people to create value.  Graduating with a a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Illinois Urbana, he then went on to get his a MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.

Today, Marc is a connector of innovators. He works with universities to develop strategic partnerships with the corporate community and helps to commercialize the discoveries and inventions of faculty  

Jake Goodman


Jake Goodman has led the Nextend Strategy Group in its outreach to a wide variety of clients across a range of sectors. He has been successful in coordinating with a range of political campaigns in optimizing their messaging, press engagement, early-stage campaign planning, and proposing methods to improve their understanding of constituent needs and opinions.

He has been able to bring his experience in understanding the complex nature of the federal legislative process, advocacy on behalf of infants and early childhood issues in Washington DC and his background in data analytics to help provide clients with a broad-based range of possible solutions to their needs. Additionally, he has been able to translate this range of knowledge to aid in content creation for issue focused advocacy organizations in addition to helping small business convey the benefits of their product to consumers.

Today, Jake is helping to expand the Nextend Strategy Group’s network into new and dynamic markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. He is working to bring together some of the next generation’s brightest minds to build a reliable stable of voices to tap into to most effectively meet client’s needs.